Friday, June 17, 2011

Beddazled Owl Fan

I love where I live because of the many food options I have within walking distance. There is the ACME grocery store nearby, where I can actually afford to buy basic grocery items, the Whole Foods on South Street where I can't afford to buy groceries ever, and the Italian Market where I can buy a bag of onions for one dollar.
But last week, I was introduced to the glorious Wing Phat Plaza on Washington Ave, which houses the Hung Vuong Supermarket, where I plan to buy all of my groceries from now on:

Aside from the amazing supermarket, the plaza has a small shop where customers can purchase various Chinese home products, such as incense and statues for their alters as well as assorted crap. While digging through the boxes of assorted crap, I found a small plastic toy fan that I purchased for a whopping two dollars. Using some RigidWrap plaster cloth, it eventually became this:

And then this:

The image in the center of the fan is from some decorative paper that I purchased at the same store, that is used to be burnt at alters (known as "joss paper"):

The fan is battery operated and fully functioning.  I'm going to rig it up in my car because I am the dumbass who bought a car without AC.

The end:

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