Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Peace Be Upon Sunny Ali Toy Piano

I was recently in Greenpoint, Brooklyn shooting a video for the Polish Saturday school I used to go to when I discovered a dollar store that happened to be having a clearance sale. I discovered this electronic toy piano and got an amazing deal on it.

Upon purchasing it, I immediately thought of my favorite Philadelphia musician, Mr. Sunny Ali of Sunny Ali & the Kid (

The functions on this piano turned out to be quite advanced for a dollar store find, so I decided it needed to be custom bedazzled immediately:

Only the owner of this piano needs to know what these magical jeweled buttons do:

Arabic greeting meaning "Peace Be Upon You":

A man and his machine:

Before picture:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dickfish Watergun

Was browsing the dollar section of the local Target when I came upon a fish-shaped water gun. Naturally, it needed to turn into a bedazzled fish-shaped water gun that vaguely resembled male genitalia inflicted with pimples and sores:



Sunday, June 3, 2012

Disco Poodle

My boyfriend was in a thrift store one day where he found a broken (and glued back together) poodle wall ornament that was reminiscent of the cherub wall ornaments I previously bedazzled (

Being the swell guy that he is, he purchased this rare gem for me and this is how it ended up:

The pink disco ball came from a pair of disco ball sunglasses that unfortunately/fortunately broke:

Disco Poodle currently hangs in my bedroom until I find a good home for him.