Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Peace Be Upon Sunny Ali Toy Piano

I was recently in Greenpoint, Brooklyn shooting a video for the Polish Saturday school I used to go to when I discovered a dollar store that happened to be having a clearance sale. I discovered this electronic toy piano and got an amazing deal on it.

Upon purchasing it, I immediately thought of my favorite Philadelphia musician, Mr. Sunny Ali of Sunny Ali & the Kid (

The functions on this piano turned out to be quite advanced for a dollar store find, so I decided it needed to be custom bedazzled immediately:

Only the owner of this piano needs to know what these magical jeweled buttons do:

Arabic greeting meaning "Peace Be Upon You":

A man and his machine:

Before picture:

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dickfish Watergun

Was browsing the dollar section of the local Target when I came upon a fish-shaped water gun. Naturally, it needed to turn into a bedazzled fish-shaped water gun that vaguely resembled male genitalia inflicted with pimples and sores:



Sunday, June 3, 2012

Disco Poodle

My boyfriend was in a thrift store one day where he found a broken (and glued back together) poodle wall ornament that was reminiscent of the cherub wall ornaments I previously bedazzled (

Being the swell guy that he is, he purchased this rare gem for me and this is how it ended up:

The pink disco ball came from a pair of disco ball sunglasses that unfortunately/fortunately broke:

Disco Poodle currently hangs in my bedroom until I find a good home for him.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fuck Technology (Ode to Letraset) Night Table

Earlier this year, I freaked out because I thought Letraset ( was going out of business.  I was mad at myself for not stocking up on their letter transfers while I had the chance, which I used to purchase from local art supply stores.

I used the last of my Letraset letter transfers on this table:


Crappy close-up of large drawer:

After some heavy research (looking at their website:, I discovered Letraset was not going out of business after all, but simply cut back on their letter transfer inventory.  Seeing as how people have photoshop and scanners and whatnot these days, that seems like a sound business plan but doing things by hand trumps technology any day, for me (

The End

Monday, January 2, 2012

MerryXmas Intestine Babies

For Christmas, I went to visit my family in Guelph, Ontario again. Thanks to a spectacular Christmas gift (100 Canadian dollars) I made a killing at the Value Village thrift store, my favorite place in the whole world.

Among the treasures that I picked up was this set of wall ornaments - angel babies wrapped in some kind of wreath.

After a quick paint job, the wreaths became bloody intestines and the babies became much cuter:

Side views to appreciate the Christmas lightbulbs:

Remembered to take a "before" picture this time:

Happy New Year ya'll! <3

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mail Holder from the Red State

It's gettin cold outside so the season of making crap out of crap begins again:

Over Thanksgiving weekend I helped my folks move to another apartment. As a result, I acquired lots of trash. Among these things was a tin mail holder (forgot to take a before picture).

I bedazzled this on a sleepless night to cope with the fact that my life has become one endless episode of The Young and the Restless (or Roseanne, depending on how you look at it).

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

National Lampoon Magazine Coat Hanger

My mother loves to shop around in the housewares section at stores like Marshalls, HomeGoods, etc etc so it must be at one of those places that she picked up a tacky sailing-themed coat hanger/wall mountable coat rack.  

It was made of shitty, conveniently distressed wood planks that were painted and scratched to give them a salty "weathered" look.  The metal hooks are secured with old-timey looking rope. It was pretty bad. She gave it to me hoping I could spruce it up, but unfortunately, it turned into this:

The images are collected from a 1980s issue of National Lampoon Magazine. In case you are unfamiliar with the class-act that National Lampoon Magazine used to be, get an idea here:

I picked up a couple of old issues of NL Mag at a South Philly flea market down the street from my house:

The guy wanted 5 bucks for each one, which is kinda hefty in my opinion:

The banknotes and the yellow decorative paper are from my growing collection of Chinese joss paper from the local Asian supermarket:

Foxy ladies:

Anyways, point is my mom didn't want the coat hanger back.